Vaccinosis and Chronic Disease

Vaccinosis is a disease syndrome caused by weaknesses precipitated by vaccinations. Becoming rampant in the dog and cat populations, examples include autoimmune diseases, such as irritable bowel disorders, lupus and pemphigus; hypothyroidism and others. Full article...

Arthritis Remedies

One aging condition often seen in dogs and cats is osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease. In the large breeds, this condition usually involves the hip joints; in small dog breeds and in cats, it can be found in any joint. Full article...


Osteosarcoma is an aggressive, fast-growing, and painful condition that generally metastasizes (spreads) to the lungs or less frequently to the brain, spine and other bony locations. The median age for dogs acquiring this tumor is seven years, but my cases have ranged from three years to 14 years at onset.  Full article.. 


 Lymphoma is most frequently a cancer of middle age (6 to 9 years) depending on the breed with large breeds having an earlier onset on average.  Full article..


Hemangiosarcoma, also known as HSA, is an aggressive type of cancerous tumor mostly found in large breed dogs. It most often affects the spleen, an abdominal organ that filters red blood cells and provides various immune system functions.  Full article..

Mast Cell Tumors

The three most common skin cancers in dogs are mast cell tumors, melanomas and squamous cell carcinomas. Less frequently found skin tumors are lymphomas and hemangiosarcomas. All of these types can have varying levels of malignancy or aggressiveness depending on multiple factors: the degree of differentiation, the mitotic index, and the location of the tumor.  Full article..