Nutrition Information

The health of your companions relies greatly on their diet. And like humans, animals prefer to eat foods they enjoy, they are easily bored with a repeated daily diet, and often need a variety of supplements depending on their state of health. The best diet is one approximating a natural diet in the wild. Dogs are mainly carnivores and cats are true carnivores, so a diet plan should keep this in mind.

Many guardians do not have the time or a lifestyle situation that would allow the time to home-prepare their companions' food. For these situations, I recommend buying a frozen, raw diet available from many sources. There may be a source in your area or you may have to locate one that sends frozen product via UPS or FedEx. You can feed some commercial dry food as part of a good diet. It is important that raw or fresh food be included at least three times per week to give your companions the opportunity for the best health possible.

Currently there are a number of brands that I recommend to fill this gap, including Darwin's Pet Food, Big dog Naturals, Petguard, Wysong, and Wellness. There are a number of other commercial foods without byproducts and preservatives, that provide premium nutrition. You can call the office if you have a question about an particular brand or check out Dog Food Advisor for information on brands and how they rate to other products.

Darwin's Pet Foods and Big Dog Natural can be ordered through their website (LINKS to websites). Many guardians find this easier than shopping for premium food. Call our office for instructions on how to order this food for your dogs or cats.

These diets have been revised several times over the last ten years and have proven to offer optimum health and nutrition for your companions