Cancer Treatments

Now that cancer has been diagnosed or suspected as the most likely diagnosis, you are trying to make some difficult and important decisions in regards to your companion’s future health and well-being. If you are considering surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, or a combination of several western medical modalities, you are probably looking for other supportive therapies to maximize quality of life. If you are pursuing a completely natural approach, you are looking for as many effective therapies as possible to prolong your companion’s life and preserve their quality.

The information out there is confusing and complicated. Every practitioner or expert seems to have a different opinion or suggestion. Some supplements and medications seem to conflict with one another and philosophies of therapy vary widely. In general, veterinary oncologists or cancer specialists have very little knowledge about alternative approaches to cancer. Many times their information is not only lacking but just incorrect. Most people end up searching the internet and finding the wealth of information that presents itself. The difficulty is wading through articles and articles about different supplements that all seem to cure cancer. Many are difficult to find or very expensive, but the real issue becomes, does this have any merit in the treatment of my animal companion?

For most animals, especially with cats, we must be somewhat selective about what medicines or supplements we can expect to give them. One must be careful not to cause side-effects that will create quality of life issues and also, most companions will have a breaking point, where only so many supplements can be given before they begin refusing our efforts to medicate them or hide things in their food. Our relationship and bond with them can also suffer because of the constant harassment medicating causes. This is especially true with feline companions as they will begin to hide every time they see you coming!

So it becomes important to choose not only the therapy for dealing with this cancer but choosing which supplements and diets we are going to entice, or force, our companions to eat. We want to be selective and make choices that are beneficial and that either fight the cancer effectively or improve the quality of life for our animal friends.

Whether your treatment decisions involve surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, I feel homeopathic treatment will benefit in some way the prognosis of your companion. Call the office for an appointment. There will also be selective supplements from the list below that would be supportive or helpful also. With cases where a homeopathic approach is the main treatment modality, it will be important to give some of the supplements listed below. Each patient should have an individualized treatment plan that best fits that individual and the type of cancer being treated. Some supplements seem to be more effective with certain types of cancer.

With all approaches to cancer, nothing works or helps ALL patients. Choosing the treatment plan that has best track record and the most likelihood of helping your companion is what the following list may help to provide. I have attempted to select from my practice experience, those supplements that I have found to be helpful as a part of an overall treatment plan in dealing with cancer.

I do not suggest all of these supplements in any one case, nor would I expect any animal to be able to endure taking all of these on a daily basis. This list is to help you decide what will be best for your companion. You should always consult with me or my office staff about the specifics of your companion’s case before choosing to give anything new.

The supplements and medications I have listed below are compatible, in general, with homeopathic cancer treatment unless otherwise noted. The following list is in no way meant to be complete and will be modified and enhanced as new information becomes available to me.

Supplements, Nutrients and Medications in Cancer Treatments